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HTML to PDF converting is easy with our RESTFull API. PDF Converting API is professional solution that facilitates you to create PDF from webpage and HTML.

Parsing data from Google API that are available in Google API Services and using these data sets, make custom, easy-to-read and professional reports.

Using FB.api() we track facebook pages activities and generating reports of most engaged LIKES, COMMENTS, SHARES, Avg Engagement of post type and also many more in-depth metrics in one place.

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  • wScraper team did a great job and is readily available to talk with. He quickly understands the problem/tasks and offers great insight on how to handle the project.

  • Superb work! Very capable programmer! Great job!

  • Faruque is an outstanding contractor and was a real asset to our team. He is open, honest and has excellent communication skills. His is incredibly knowledgeable and his technical skills are of an incredibly high level. He was such a pleasure to work with and we look forward to more work with him in the future. A++++

    Blake Nussey, Aven Republic. AUS
  • Faruque is very knowledgeable about data scraping and data mining. He is very professional, trustworthy, reasonable and easy to work with. He not only did the job, he also provided tips and advice on what's best for us.

    Nina Andersen, Beverly Hills,USA.
  • Faruque did an awesome job for us. We had a very complex project, and he handled it like a real professional. He can handle the most complex jobs...we highly recommend him.

    John Melogy,RTTP Technologies, New York, USA